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Title: Isn't It Bliss?
Fandom/original: original
Rating: PGish?
A/N: The prompt, from [ profile] rougen, was "ignorance is bliss."

She wondered, sometimes. If the truth was always better, for being the truth. Where do you draw the line, between a kindness and a lie? Maybe the lie was just another story. Another what if? A might have been...

Arthur Solomon leaned back in his chair, sighing a little. Aric poked his head in. "I'm making some tea, Mr. Solomon, if you'd like some." Arthur nodded, gesturing his assent, and his assistant disappeared back into the other room. The forms before him were... surprisingly satisfying, in the broad view. Crime was beginning, slowly, to come under control. The port was gaining steadily in safety and prosperity.

That was him. He and Aric and Harmony. They had made the city a better place. Were continuing to make it better.

Arthur allowed himself a smile. He'd have his tea, and then give himself the evening off. Maybe pay Miss Williamson and Miss Van Pelt an unexpected visit. He'd earned it.


"Are you here, love?" Dominic came in to their cabin, still damp with sweat and a bit gritty from patrol. He smiled as he caught his wife's scent.

Half an instant later, Grace was at the door of the kitchen, smiling. "You're back a bit early tonight."

"Ares wanted to give a couple of the younger wolves a longer run." He came and kissed her, lightly, but she pulled him closer, letting the kiss extend. If he had been about to say more, he let it drop.

An extended moment later, she says, "I'll have to remember to thank our lord when I next see him."

Dom chuckled, pulling her closer despite the dirt. His mate wouldn't mind. "I think we both should, really."


Nicolas glanced across the table at his wife. She wasn't paying attention to him; instead, she was laughing politely at whatever joke the senator had submitted for her approval. He felt... dizzy, still. It seemed like everything happened so quickly with them. Their first meeting - their son. Their wedding. Then nothing, for years. Everything... tranquil. Like a pond, waiting for the next stone to hit the water.

It had been... less than a month. A month, in which to realize he'd fallen in love with his wife. In which to almost lose her. In which he'd regained a sister for an instant, only to lose her again, forever. So much...

She looked back across the table at him. Her smile lingered, but her eyes were questioning.

He smiled back. A true smile, despite everything. Her expression eased a little, and she almost nodded, very slight.

They were in this together. They were going to be alright.


She was so tired. Tired of the people she loved hurting so badly. Tired of having to choose between being honest and being kind. And it might make her weak... but she couldn't help thinking of a certain dinner, a certain kiss goodnight, with as much fondness as the gift of a dagger, or less bittersweetness than a swim just before sunrise. Even if it was a false memory... she had few enough good ones to cling to.


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