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Title: Taken Unawares
Fandom/original: original
Rating: PG
A/N: The prompt, from [ profile] rougen, was "never saw it coming." 15 minutes again.

They'd never discussed it, but he had always assumed he'd die first.

She'd left. Left to become a doctor, of all things. If either twin had been destined for a messy and premature end, it wasn't Stella.

He supposed he should be grateful that she'd left instructions to contact him. If she hadn't, he mightn't have heard for months. Years. Ever. But standing in the small, cramped morgue in Lamordia, there was nothing he could feel even akin to gratitude. It damp, it was dirty, and his twin sister's corpse was on the table in front of him.

It had been an accident, they said, knowing it was a load of horseshit as they said it. Stella had been raised on a ranch in Nova Vaasa. She'd practically ridden before she could walk. There was no way she'd been thrown and then trampled by her own horse accidentally.

Then again, the trampling made it impossible to tell whether any other injuries had been inflicted first. Very clever.

His rage gnawed at him as he stood with her. She'd been smart and cautious; the assassin had probably been a professional. Had someone found her connection to their family? Was it a warning? Or was it an enemy she'd made on her own?

Nicolas was a fighter, not an investigator. But without some answers, there was no focus for his revenge.

And without revenge, he was just left empty. Left feeling the aching hole caused by the knowledge that his sister no longer existed in the world.

His death would have grieved her, he knew. But she knew how to get on without him. She'd always been self-reliant. He'd spent every day since she left idly daydreaming about how to make up with her, how to get back in touch.

Now it was too late. Half of his self was gone. And he hadn't the slightest idea what to do next.


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