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Title: Holiday
Fandom/original: original
Rating: G
A/N: For [ profile] rougen 's prompt, "fun in the sun."

“It’s called a holiday, love. Rich people have them.”

If Yuri had a copper for every time his partner threw him that particular “I can’t decide if you’re insane or just a prat” look, he would be fairly well-set himself. This time, after a moment of icy silence, Clara said, “And why, pray tell, have you selected cover identities that require such an initial outlay of cash?”

“Clara, Clara.” Yuri adjusted a buckle on his ornate (but functional) belt, and then looked at her. She’d enchanted her hair longer, and into a becoming chestnut color. The gown was a pale green, draped and folded in the latest style of the seaside resort they were visiting. The earrings, which he’d selected, matched the dress, and hung down even with her chin. If he did say so himself, she cleaned up quite nicely. “We were flush, and I thought it might be nice to enjoy ourselves while we’re working. Besides. What better way to get close to a man than to become his gambling partner, hm?”

“You really do intend to enjoy this charade, don’t you?” She turned away, looking toward the balcony of their suite. “And I suppose my cover is simply to prove that your cover can successfully woo a lovely woman, hm?”

Yuri’s grin turned rakish. “Well, you could have been my servant, but I thought that might annoy you.”

“Idiot.” She poured a glass of brandy for herself, and didn’t ask him if he wanted one. “Well. How long do you think this is going to take? It’s not as if relieving him of all his money is part of the job.”

“No, that’s just a bonus. But I figured a few weeks. If you’re bored with the gaming tables, there’s always the beach.” He threw her a teasing wink. “Or shopping.”

“I swear to you, I will strangle you in your sleep one day.”

Sagely, he said, “I think you’re rather missing the point of a holiday. You could stand the relaxation.”

He ducked out of the way as she threw a bolt of something at his head. That was a good sign. If she’d been really angry, she wouldn’t have missed.

“Enjoy the sunset – they’re supposed to be superb!” And with that, he grabbed his deck of cards and ducked out of the room. On the whole, he reflected, it was bound to be an interesting fortnight.
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