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Ah, Sweeney fic is on the way, but not quite done yet. For Friday, I have a tiny little drabble, dedicated to [ profile] karasukun, inspired by LOTR as well as the fact that I had to sing this frickin' song five times in two days last weekend. Forgive the repetitiveness. Heh.

For Saturday, I have an extra-long fic, so I'm giving you more than one LJ-cut to allow you to jump around or read it in more than one sitting. It was not, originally, going to be this long. you are.


Title: Middle Earth's Twelve Days of Christmas
Fandom: LOTR
A/N: Dedicated to [ profile] karasukun and to Eddie Izzard, whom I pictured going "FIVE GOOOOLD RINGS" every time I was forced to sing the song.

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Title: Silent Night
Fandom: Ravenloft
A/N: Dedicated heartily to [ profile] plaidavenger, who suggested it.
Disclaimer: This is a bit more complicated than my usual fanfic disclaimer because this fic is based on an RPG campaign, rather than a movie or a book or whatnot. Therefore, to give credit where credit is due: Ravenloft is a setting used for the d20 RPG system. All the place names, nationalities, etc., as well as Alanik Ray, belong to them. The campaign this fic is based on was created by [ profile] squirrelmadness and all events referred to, as well as the characters of Ambrose, Sophia, Oliver, Désirée, Shaoron, Lucia, Josef Masha, Theophilus, and Franz, belong to him. The characters Hollis, Eanokien, Eanoki, Carmen, Arkadiy, Borgoff, Luka, Elor, M. (Tydeus) Dardanos, Ren, Pepe, and Sindora are original PCs who are not mine. I beg the kind indulgence of these characters' creators in allowing me to play with them; this fic is meant in fun and I love all of your characters dearly.

The little bit that's left (specifically Anya, Fyedka, Nicolas, Stella, and the Kartaakans other than Hollis, as well as the plot) is mine. I let this thing run away with me, but in hindsight, I'm kind of glad I did, as I enjoyed it.

Yes, I'm aware that Christmas doesn't exist in the setting. Shut up.

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First kiss

Nov. 18th, 2005 10:57 am
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Written for Pucker Up: The Multifandom Challenge, on the principle that good kisses are hard to write. Which they are. Original characters, one mine, one not, from a certain Ravenloft campaign. This character won't leave me alone for some reason. And yes, this did happen in the campaign, after...well, that's a long story.

First Kiss )
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And they probably don't read this journal. But hey, that's all right. I'll post it anyway.

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