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Title: Not a Day Goes By
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Anthony Hope, Tobias Ragg, Beadle Bamford, Johanna Barker, Nellie Lovett, Beggar Woman, Jonas Fogg
Prompt: 006, Hours
Word Count: 1593
Rating: PG
Summary: As the title and prompt might suggest.
Author's Notes: I promise you, I've not given up, and I'm not dead. And I figured I should squeeze out one last fic before the movie comes out, hm? Sorry I've been so MIA.

Hours )
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Title: Five Lies Told by Jonas Fogg
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Jonas Fogg, Beadle Bamford, Johanna Barker, Phileas Fogg, various OCs
Prompt: 086, Choices
Word Count: 643
Rating: G
Summary: As the title says.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] meerkitty868

Choices. )
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Title: Arrival
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: (Beadle) Charlie Bamford, Harrison, Mr. Mooney
Prompt: 094, Independence
Word Count: 952
Rating: G
Summary: A chance reunion in the big city.
Author's Notes: This term has been eating my life. But I am still here, regardless.

Independence )
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Title: Comfort and Joy
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Johanna, Judge Turpin, Beadle Bamford, Blackstone (OC)
Prompt: 092, Christmas
Word Count: 459
Rating: G
Summary: A Christmas mid way through Johanna's childhood.
Author's Notes: Sorry for being MIA for about a month. Between illness and holidays and travel, I was just a bit overwhelmed. But I'm back, and I should be doing at least a fic a week, unless something goes horribly, horribly wrong. As for this fic, I started writing it to use during December and got tackled by the above. So...better late than never. The New Year's fic should be forthcoming.

Christmas )
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Title: Other Roads
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Lucy Barker, Judge Turpin, Daniel O'Higgens, Johanna, Tobias, Mrs. Lovett, Beadle Bamford, Benjamin Barker
Prompt: 082 - If
Word Count: 3056
Rating: R
Author's Notes: In addition to the usual fanfic disclaimer, I should add that the "10 things that never happened" format is not mine. I've seen it used in various places, so I don't have a specific person to credit or anything, but I find it interesting, and it worked well for the prompt, at least in theory. I hope it's apparent, but just to be clear, these are 10 seperate little AU ficlets. They aren't connected to one another beyond being things that never actually happened.

If )


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