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Title: Now
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Nellie Lovett
Prompt: 036, Smell
Word Count: 203
Rating: G
Summary: One of three little drabbles.
Author's Notes: First fics post-movie. The movie will, of course, influence a little bit...but the continuity, such as it is, is mainly the same as my pre-film fiction. If it matters, which it likely doesn't.

Smell )
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Title: Not a Day Goes By
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Anthony Hope, Tobias Ragg, Beadle Bamford, Johanna Barker, Nellie Lovett, Beggar Woman, Jonas Fogg
Prompt: 006, Hours
Word Count: 1593
Rating: PG
Summary: As the title and prompt might suggest.
Author's Notes: I promise you, I've not given up, and I'm not dead. And I figured I should squeeze out one last fic before the movie comes out, hm? Sorry I've been so MIA.

Hours )
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Title: Even When They Leave
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Lucy Barker, Johanna Barker
Prompt: 074, Dark
Word Count: 333
Rating: PG
Summary: Not all things heal with time.
Author's Notes: Not much to say on this one. Brief as it is.

Dark. )
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Title: Counting Sheep
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Sweeney Todd
Prompt: 007, Days
Word Count: 235
Rating: G
Summary: A nightly ritual.
Author's Notes: A tiny little birthday drabble.

Days. )
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Title: Sweet Dreams
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Anthony Hope, Benjamin Barker, Lucy Barker, Johanna Turpin (Hope)
Prompt: 085, She
Word Count: 596
Rating: G
Summary: Things change, and things stay the same.
Author's Notes: I didn't give up! I promise. Things have been rather crazy, as real life will be, and I've been (ssh) working on a novel, which has been eating my creative energy. But I wouldn't want [ profile] meerkitty868 to starve for lack of Sweeney-fic. And I really do miss my fanfic now and then. Also... this is the last piece I'll ever post to procrastinate doing homework in my undergraduate career, which is just surreal. Enjoy.

She. )
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Title: Moon on a String - part four
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Mrs. Lovett, Lucy, mention of the Judge and Johanna
Prompt: 050, Spade
Word Count: 1391
Rating: G
Summary: Benjamin returns to London to find the world on its head.
Author's Notes: Sorry for the long delay in finishing this piece - I had a version of part four finished when I posted part three, and then I wasn't satisfied, so I kept re-writing it. I'm still not sure I'm satisfied, but I'm more satisfied. Also, as regards the prompt, it's in reference to calling a spade a spade. I realize that, from reading it, this may be a bit obtuse, but it did make sense to me.

Spade )
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Title: My Friends
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Todd, Lovett, OCs
Prompt: 073, Light
Word Count: 1102
Rating: PG-ish
Summary: Living history, perhaps?
Author's Notes: I'm actually pretty pleased with this one. I considered expanding it into a series of stories, but I like them together this way better.

Light. )
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Title: Homecoming
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Johanna, Anthony, Beggar Woman, Turpin, Sweeney
Prompt: 027, Parents
Word Count: 2441
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Summary: Johanna sees more than she bargained for.
Author's Notes: Well, after almost 2 months of nothing, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised when this fic ran away with me, length-wise. I usually try not to just straight-out novelize bits of the musical, as I think it's really not the most interesting place to go in most cases, but I'd been wanting to do this point-of-view piece for a long while and seeing the revival made me finally sit down and write it. Note that, as with most of my fanfic, I did't attempt to make it particularly revival or original, stealing bits from both. The dialogue isn't mine, as I lifted it from the libretto.

Parents. )
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Title: Memory
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Sweeney, Beggar Woman, various O.C.s
Prompt: 076, Who?
Word Count: 1,537
Rating: G
Summary: A chance encounter leaves an impression.
Author's Notes: This is actually not at all the fic I intended to write. I intended to write some humorous crackfic inspired by the discussion over at the Sweeney Todd community. And then I started writing and this popped out instead. Go figure. It's much longer than I expected, and neither humorous nor any sort of crossover (though, as usual, there are plenty of original characters - I should stop that). But I spent some time on it...and the fic pleasantly surprised me.

Who? )
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Title: Never Far Away
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker
Prompt: 024, Family
Word Count: 776
Rating: G
Summary: Benjamin's heart is a million miles away.
Author's Notes: I think this is actually a better Christmas story than the one I wrote at Christmas. Ah well.

Family )
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Title: Passage
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker
Prompt: 051, Water
Word Count: 375
Rating: G
Summary: The beginning of a voyage
Author's Notes: I've been trying to write this fic all week and it has just obstinately refused to be written. Stubborn little thing. Here it is, in any case.

Water )
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Title: Requiem
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker (Tobias implied)
Prompt: 071, Broken
Word Count: 341
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Sorry these have been relatively short and far between - end of term is killing me. But I should be a bit more productive in a week or so.

Broken )
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Title: Perfect
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Johanna
Prompt: 093, Thanksgiving
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Author's Notes: A holiday drabble a day early.

Thanksgiving )
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Title: Other Roads
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Lucy Barker, Judge Turpin, Daniel O'Higgens, Johanna, Tobias, Mrs. Lovett, Beadle Bamford, Benjamin Barker
Prompt: 082 - If
Word Count: 3056
Rating: R
Author's Notes: In addition to the usual fanfic disclaimer, I should add that the "10 things that never happened" format is not mine. I've seen it used in various places, so I don't have a specific person to credit or anything, but I find it interesting, and it worked well for the prompt, at least in theory. I hope it's apparent, but just to be clear, these are 10 seperate little AU ficlets. They aren't connected to one another beyond being things that never actually happened.

If )
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Title: Farewell
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Anthony Hope, Jack Dawkins
Prompt: 003 Ends
Word Count: 2346
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: A long one, yes. I got a bit...carried away, perhaps. In any case, a note on the dates. The "real" Sweeney's trial was in 1801, but the muscial is simply set, as far as I could discover, "in the 19th century." To make the crossover work, I've decided the events of the play take place in the early 1840s. This fic takes place circa 1840-41 or so. In case you were wondering, Jack Dawkins is, in fact, transported to Australia in the third book of Oliver Twist.

Ends )
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Title: The Dance
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Lucy
Prompt: 001, Beginnings
Word Count: 630
Rating: G
Author's Notes: My first for [ profile] fanfic100. Why yes, I am insane, thanks for asking. And I promise, it really is rated G, believe it or not.

Beginnings )


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