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Title: Not a Day Goes By
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Anthony Hope, Tobias Ragg, Beadle Bamford, Johanna Barker, Nellie Lovett, Beggar Woman, Jonas Fogg
Prompt: 006, Hours
Word Count: 1593
Rating: PG
Summary: As the title and prompt might suggest.
Author's Notes: I promise you, I've not given up, and I'm not dead. And I figured I should squeeze out one last fic before the movie comes out, hm? Sorry I've been so MIA.

Hours )
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Title: I Would Never
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Tobias, Beggar Woman
Prompt: 021, Friends
Word Count: 499
Rating: G
Summary: Everyone has their own little secret.
Author's Notes: I am so dreadfully out of practice.

Friends. )
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Title: Hands
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Pirelli, Tobias
Prompt: 025, Strangers
Word Count: 374
Rating: G
Summary: A chance meeting changes both lives.
Author's Notes: Gah, I hate having to put things here. Fend for yourselves on this one.

Strangers. )
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Title: Fracture, part 5
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Tobias
Prompt: 033, Too Much
Word Count: 487
Rating: PG
Summary: Part five of five.
Author's Notes: I don't want to say too much, really, except that I did enjoy writing this one quite a bit. And that the two interwoven fics connected to this one will be coming eventually. Oh, and to apologize that it's late - I didn't get internet access this morning.

Too Much )
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Title: Fracture, part 4
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Tobias, Agatha, Holmes
Prompt: 010, Years
Word Count: 512
Rating: G
Summary: Part 4 of 5
Author's Notes: Biting my tongue until the end. And yes, more Bernstein/Schwartz.

Years )
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Title: Fracture, part 3
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Tobias, Agatha, Martha (O.C.), Sherlock Holmes
Prompt: 070, Storm
Word Count: 925
Rating: G
Summary: Part 3 of 5
Author's Notes: That crossover I mentioned? Yup. Here it is. And as always, lyrics from Bernstein/Schwartz, god bless them.

Storm )
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Title: Fracture, part 2
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Revealed(!), plus mention of Todd and Beggar Woman
Prompt: 011, Red
Word Count: 492
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Part two of five.
Author's Notes: As promised, the next installment. As a reminder, the lyrics are from Leonard Bernstein's mass with additional lyrics by Stephen Schwartz.

Red )
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Title: Lunch at St. Dunstan's
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Tobias, mentions of Pirelli, Todd, and Mrs. Lovett
Prompt: 043, Square
Word Count: 657
Rating: G
Summary: A day in the marketplace
Author's Notes: Not much to say about this one. It'd been too long since I wrote some Toby.

Square )
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Title: The Way
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Tobias, Mrs. Lovett
Prompt: 090, Home
Word Count: 303
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Short and sweet. I just had a hankering to write a bit of Toby this morning.

Home )
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Title: Other Roads
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Lucy Barker, Judge Turpin, Daniel O'Higgens, Johanna, Tobias, Mrs. Lovett, Beadle Bamford, Benjamin Barker
Prompt: 082 - If
Word Count: 3056
Rating: R
Author's Notes: In addition to the usual fanfic disclaimer, I should add that the "10 things that never happened" format is not mine. I've seen it used in various places, so I don't have a specific person to credit or anything, but I find it interesting, and it worked well for the prompt, at least in theory. I hope it's apparent, but just to be clear, these are 10 seperate little AU ficlets. They aren't connected to one another beyond being things that never actually happened.

If )
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Title: The Middle of Nowhere
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Tobias, Pirelli
Prompt: 002, Middles
Word Count: 1079
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Tobias is one of my favorites. No, I'm probably not going to go through the whole chart in order...but for the moment, it's easiest. (If you want to see the list of prompts, go here.) Cheers.

Middles )


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