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Title: What Dreams
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Anthony Hope, John Jasper
Prompt: 075, Shade
Word Count: 446
Rating: PG
Summary: Anthony runs an errand.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] snowyofthenight, by request.

Shade. )
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Title: Rough Cradle
Fandom: Sweeney Todd (with Richard III crossover)
Characters: Johanna Barker
Prompt: 028, Children
Word Count: 307
Rating: PG
Summary: Johanna dreams.
Author's Notes: A crossover fic for [ profile] assimbya. Finally.

Children )
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Title: Soon
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Anthony Hope
Prompt: 38, Touch
Word Count: 123
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 3 of 3.
Author's Notes: I probably should have posted all these together. Apologies. I changed my mind between posting the first and now, about putting them all up tonight.

Touch. )
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Title: Later
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Judge Turpin
Prompt: 037, Sound
Word Count: 180
Rating: PG
Summary: 2 of 3.
Author's Notes:

Sound )
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Title: Now
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Nellie Lovett
Prompt: 036, Smell
Word Count: 203
Rating: G
Summary: One of three little drabbles.
Author's Notes: First fics post-movie. The movie will, of course, influence a little bit...but the continuity, such as it is, is mainly the same as my pre-film fiction. If it matters, which it likely doesn't.

Smell )
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Title: Not a Day Goes By
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Anthony Hope, Tobias Ragg, Beadle Bamford, Johanna Barker, Nellie Lovett, Beggar Woman, Jonas Fogg
Prompt: 006, Hours
Word Count: 1593
Rating: PG
Summary: As the title and prompt might suggest.
Author's Notes: I promise you, I've not given up, and I'm not dead. And I figured I should squeeze out one last fic before the movie comes out, hm? Sorry I've been so MIA.

Hours )
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Title: Entry
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Jonas Fogg
Prompt: 066, Rain
Word Count: 432
Rating: PG
Summary: Notes from Jonas Fogg
Author's Notes: This didn't turn out quite as I had planned, and I may write another Fogg story that was what I intended later. Or perhaps this will be part one of something. I don't know just yet.

Rain )
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Title: Even When They Leave
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Lucy Barker, Johanna Barker
Prompt: 074, Dark
Word Count: 333
Rating: PG
Summary: Not all things heal with time.
Author's Notes: Not much to say on this one. Brief as it is.

Dark. )
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Title: Five People Lucy Barker Spoke with While She Was 'Insane'
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Lucy Barker, Fred, Anthony Hope, Judge Turpin
Prompt: 005, Outsides
Word Count: 870
Rating: PG-13
Summary: As the title says
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] assimbya

Outsides )
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Title: Five Lies Told by Jonas Fogg
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Jonas Fogg, Beadle Bamford, Johanna Barker, Phileas Fogg, various OCs
Prompt: 086, Choices
Word Count: 643
Rating: G
Summary: As the title says.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] meerkitty868

Choices. )
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Title: Something Not Very Nice
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: OC, mention of Mrs. Lovett
Prompt: 035, Sixth Sense
Word Count: 794
Rating: PG
Summary: Mrs. Lovett takes a renter.
Author's Notes: And my random original character streak returns.

Sixth Sense. )
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Title: Counting Sheep
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Sweeney Todd
Prompt: 007, Days
Word Count: 235
Rating: G
Summary: A nightly ritual.
Author's Notes: A tiny little birthday drabble.

Days. )
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Title: I Would Never
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Tobias, Beggar Woman
Prompt: 021, Friends
Word Count: 499
Rating: G
Summary: Everyone has their own little secret.
Author's Notes: I am so dreadfully out of practice.

Friends. )
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Title: Deliver Us from Evil
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Johanna, Judge Turpin
Prompt: 084, He
Word Count: 323
Rating: PG
Summary: Little pitchers, as they say...
Author's Notes: Just a short one this time.

He. )
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Title: Sweet Dreams
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Anthony Hope, Benjamin Barker, Lucy Barker, Johanna Turpin (Hope)
Prompt: 085, She
Word Count: 596
Rating: G
Summary: Things change, and things stay the same.
Author's Notes: I didn't give up! I promise. Things have been rather crazy, as real life will be, and I've been (ssh) working on a novel, which has been eating my creative energy. But I wouldn't want [ profile] meerkitty868 to starve for lack of Sweeney-fic. And I really do miss my fanfic now and then. Also... this is the last piece I'll ever post to procrastinate doing homework in my undergraduate career, which is just surreal. Enjoy.

She. )
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Title: Moon on a String - part four
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Benjamin Barker, Mrs. Lovett, Lucy, mention of the Judge and Johanna
Prompt: 050, Spade
Word Count: 1391
Rating: G
Summary: Benjamin returns to London to find the world on its head.
Author's Notes: Sorry for the long delay in finishing this piece - I had a version of part four finished when I posted part three, and then I wasn't satisfied, so I kept re-writing it. I'm still not sure I'm satisfied, but I'm more satisfied. Also, as regards the prompt, it's in reference to calling a spade a spade. I realize that, from reading it, this may be a bit obtuse, but it did make sense to me.

Spade )
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Title: Moon on a String, part three
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Judge Turpin, Lucy Barker, Johanna
Prompt: 047, Heart
Word Count: 692
Rating: G
Summary: Lucy receives unwelcome news.
Author's Notes: Part four is going to be rather long. Just as a heads up.

Heart )
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Title: Moon on a String, part two
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Lucy, Judge Turpin, unnamed OCs
Prompt: 049, Club
Word Count: 651
Rating: G, I think - I can't think of anything objectionable
Summary: An unexpected encounter.
Author's Notes: Part two of four. Also, if the Judge's first name is ever mentioned, please let me know I've flubbed it. I am almost positive it isn't.

Club. )
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Title: Moon on a String, part one
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Lucy, Judge Turpin
Prompt: 048, Diamond
Word Count: 684
Rating: PG for implied badness of various types
Summary: Lucy receives an unexpected visitor.
Author's Notes: Part one of four. An A.U. story that was done half on a dare, actually. Due to a long, involved conversation with [ profile] mousling, I started writing a fic about a possible version of the story in which the Judge attempts to rape Lucy, but she gets away from him. I can't decide what I think of this fic, but I'll let you all decide for yourselves.

Diamond )
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Title: Behold Its Wonders
Fandom: Sweeney Todd
Characters: Anthony
Prompt: 067. Snow
Word Count: 722
Rating: G, I should think
Summary: Anthony endures the less glamorous aspects of sea trade
Author's Notes: I realize I haven't written anything Sweeney in months. I'm afraid other muses have muscled in and demanded my attention. (Not to mention [ profile] desperatefans, which has, since I discovered it, quickly become my new favorite way to procrastinate.) I have two ideas for longer Sweeney fics which will require more ironing out, but I swear I will get them written eventually. Meanwhile, is a 15 minute drabble to prove I'm not quite dead...yet...

Snow )


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