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Title: England Prevails
Fandom/original: Harry Potter/V for Vendetta (movie)
Characters: Adam Sutler, Kingsley Shaklebolt
Rating: PG
A/N: A crossover for [ profile] quellers. Very, very late.

Adam Sutler stretched out in his office, contented. His ministers had just left, his guards were securely stationed just outside, and he now had, for the first time, the leisure to consider the fact that he was now Chancellor of the United Kingdom. It was, he decided, an excellent thing to be.

Or it had been, until the painting moved. It had distinctly moved, and made a little “hm,” noise, before announcing, “Minister Shaklebolt to see you, Chancellor.”

He’d been meaning to have the ugly little oil painting removed, but he’d had so much to do. And now, without warning, there was a huge black man in robes standing in the corner of his office and taking up much more of it than he had a right to. Before he could press the button that would summon his bodyguards, the man said, “I wouldn’t do that, Prime Minister,” his voice low and commanding. “Excuse me. Chancellor, now.”

Sutler froze. “I have guards – I can…”

The robed man waved a hand. “I am here as an ambassador, Chancellor, not an assassin. I was going to visit you after you initial election, but as you can imagine, St. Mary’s being what it was, I rather had my hands full.” He looked at Sutler intently. “As did everyone.”

Sutler was trying to make a snap decision. The surveillance would loop back to this room in a moment, and then there would be guards on the way. Did he have a moment?

The man continued. “My name is Kingsley Shaklebolt, and I am the Minister of Magic. You won’t find me in there.” He gestured to the computer settled around Sutler like a miniature fortress. “Normally, this would be the time when I explain the arrangement. But you are Chancellor now, not prime minister, and this is uncharted territory.”

Sutler managed to get a sentence out. “You’re insane.”

“Actually, if either of us is likely to be insane, I would submit it’s you. I, after all, just appeared out of nowhere, having been announced by a painting.”

“What do you want?” Sutler was thinking fast. It was the strain, the terrible strain of the election, of his planning…

“We see what you’re doing, Chancellor. Those of us in the ministry who pay attention to muggle… non-wizarding affairs.” Shaklebolt approached the desk, and though his expression was calm, his sheer size made it intimidating. “We are withdrawing.”

Sutler drew himself up in his chair, tried to look impressive. “You’re what?”

“We have, up until now, lived side by side with human affairs. Prior to you, we tried to keep the Prime Minister informed of matters from our world that might concern him. But under the new circumstances - ”

He stopped. Sutler had drawn a small gun from his desk and was pointing it, tremblingly, at the Minister of Magic.

Shaklebolt sighed. “Quite. I do not expect you will see me again, Chancellor. Goodbye.”

By the time he pulled the trigger, the man was gone. The guards rushed in a moment later, but Sutler sent them away.

Strain. It was just mental strain. He would have a nice warm glass of milk.
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