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Apr. 6th, 2008 08:19 pm
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Title: That Would Be Good
Fandom/original: Firefly
Characters: Simon Tam, Kaylee Frye
Rating: PGish.
Word count: 264

She stretched. “You know what’d be good?”

“Hm?” Simon turned on to his side, reaching to play with her hair lightly.

“Bacon. Eggs’n bacon. They eat eggs an’ bacon on fancy core worlds, Doctor?”

“What a question.”

Kaylee grinned. “That a yes or a no?”

“A yes, of course.”

“Oh, course.” She leaned over to kiss him.

“Well. I will see what I can do,” he said, a long, breathless moment later.

She laughed, and he couldn’t help but beam a little as she did. “What are you gonna do, pull ‘em out of the air by wishin’?”

“I’ll think of something.” He got dressed enough, and left her laughing in the bed. By the time he returned, she had pulled on her corduroys and one of his shirts. A good sign; it meant she wasn’t heading for the engines any time soon.

The tray he brought it was fragrant, if sparse. It had three strips of bacon and a single, decorated egg. The shell was inlaid with tiny, delicate work, clearly expensive and the result of long labor.

“And what’s all this then?” She leaned forward on the edge of the bed.

“Bacon. And an egg.”

“You’re supposed to eat ‘em silly.” She reached to pick it up, admiring it. “Where’d it all come from?”

“The egg I borrowed from Inara.” He sat down next to her.

“And the bacon?”

“I expect Jayne will be breaking down the door just as soon as he figures out I found his stash.”

“I’d best eat it fast then, before he kills ya.”

“You’d better just.”


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