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Nov. 28th, 2005 11:58 am
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Title: Organization
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Disclaimer: You know the drill.

It wasn’t that James was a slob. She expected that, on the whole, boys just weren’t as neat as girls. What puzzled Lily was not that he didn’t think to clean things as often as she did – it was that he got offended when she cleaned for him.

The first time it happened, she had been hoping to surprise him. While he was off at Quidditch practice, she tackled the large stack of papers he had left on the common room table with her, sorting them by type, smoothing out crumpled pages, and generally tidying his work area so he could find everything. It had been the cause of their first major row since she had agreed to date the prat, and she still couldn’t understand why someone should get so upset about another person make their notes easier to find.

After Hogwarts, she discovered that this irrationality extended to his living space as well. James would defend the mess by saying that he knew exactly where everything was until Lily started tidying it. Lily highly doubted the truth of this claim, but after several more attempts, finally left his stacks of miscellania alone. They arose like geological formations in the sitting room, and she got quite good at not tripping over them after awhile.

Until, that is, one night when she got up to get herself a midnight snack. She was padding towards the kitchen, silently in the darkened house, when she full on tripped over a large pile of books. The redhead and the stack both fell to the floor with a resounding crash, bringing James groggily running in from the next room. He flipped on the light before he even had his glasses on properly, which meant it took him a good moment or two to figure out what, exactly, had happened.

When he did, he ran his hand through his hair nervously at his wife’s expression. “Lily, love…I...was just…trying to neaten the piles up a bit.”

Pulling herself to her feet, she said icily, “Well don’t. I knew where everything was until you started tidying it up.”

They looked at each other for a long moment as they both registered what she had just said. James started laughing, and Lily tried to maintain her snit for a good moment or two before dissolving. It was, after all, fairly ridiculous.


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